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Proposal Writing Resources
Writing Guides
National Science Foundation – A Guide for Proposal Writing
National Institutes of Health – Writing Your Application
Social Science Research Council – On The Art of Writing Proposals
The Foundation Center – Proposal Writing Short Course
National Science Foundation - Data Management Plan
National Institutes of Health - Data Sharing Policy and Implementation Guidance
Project Evaluation
National Science Foundation - The 2002 User-Friendly Handbook for Project Evaluation
Related Resources
Research Development & Grant Writing Newsletter (IU Box, CAS login required)
Successful Proposal Samples - University of Tennessee Knoxville Proposal Library
Peer Review Processes - Video on Peer Review at NIH
New Faculty Guide to Competing for Research Funding (IU Box, CAS login required)
Howard Hughes Medical Institute - Resources for the Development of Early-Career Scientists
Commercialization and Entrepreneurship Resources
Indiana University Research and Technology Corporation (IURTC)
IURTC is a non-profit agency that assists IU faculty and researchers in realizing the potential of their findings.
Innovate Indiana Fund
To harness Indiana University’s immense creativity and to strengthen Indiana’s economy, IU created the $10 million Innovate Indiana Fund. The fund provides equity capital for company formation and to support these new ventures at early stages, when funding is most difficult to obtain. This evergreen fund provides startup funds, nurturing and growth through technology start-ups, giving faculty and entrepreneurs a new resource for the support they need.
Indiana Economic Development Corporation (IEDC)
The IEDC is the State of Indiana's lead economic development agency. The IEDC was officially established in February 2005 to replace the former Department of Commerce. In order to respond quickly to the needs of businesses, the IEDC operates like a business.
Elevate Ventures
Elevate Ventures nurtures and develops emerging and existing high-potential businesses into high-performing, Indiana-based companies. We accomplish this by providing rigorous business analysis and robust advisory services that connect companies with the resources they need to succeed long-term. As a not-for-profit organization, we are able to offer unbiased, in-depth perspective and recommendations.
Venture Club of Indiana
The Venture Club of Indiana is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and investors succeed through participation in a network of resources guided by a group of business experts with backgrounds in industries like banking, Web development, human resources, and academics.