About OVCR

What is Research Development

Research Development professionals support the efforts of faculty to secure extramural research funding and initiate and nurture critical partnerships throughout the institutional research enterprise, among institutions, and with external stakeholders. With the goal of enabling competitive individual and team research and facilitating research excellence, research development professionals develop and share best practices for attracting and managing research funding, and facilitate building and implementing collaborative services and resources that span across disciplines, and cross administrative boundaries within organizations and beyond, in order to foster multi- and interdisciplinary research excellence.
Mission Statement - National Organization of Research Development Professionals

The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research offers several services to support and promote faculty research success:

  • Funding alerts
  • Internal grants
  • Proposal development
  • Collaborator networking
  • Commercialization assistance
  • Industry liaison
  • Communication and advocacy

Contact our staff, or send us an email at ovcr@iupui.edu for assistance.

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