Funding Opportunities for Research Commercialization and Economic Success (FORCES)
Deadline: Applications will be accepted on a continuous basis, pending availability of funds, until the end of the academic year 6/29/2018.

The FORCES grant program supports projects that will facilitate or accelerate commercialization of the research outcomes for university-owned intellectual property, address important national and global needs, and through technology transfer and commercialization noticeably support the economic development of Indiana and the nation.

Proposals will address production of specific deliverables (datasets, prototypes, or other work products) that allow potential business development partners to evaluate the attractiveness of the proposed commercialization opportunity. The intent is to provide funding for validation data or development of engineering prototypes, which make the technology more marketable. Of particular interest are interdisciplinary research collaborations that bring together investigators from at least two different disciplines, IUPUI schools, departments, and/or centers, for work with clearly identified commercial interest. This may include projects directed toward production of significant work products with specific utility or efforts supporting a project with clearly defined commercial potential. Proposals should highlight key criteria for the value that will be added, and how this will lead to better decisions on intellectual property strategy, or improve the likelihood of success in commercialization.


  • All full-time faculty, including tenured/tenure-track, clinical, research and scientist ranks are eligible to apply.
  • Faculty in visiting ranks are not eligible.


  • In order to qualify for funding, there must be a prior intellectual property disclosure made to INDIANA UNIVERSITY INNOVATION AND COMMERCIALIZATION OFFICE (the ICO). The project tasks must address further work to develop or enhance university owned intellectual property.
  • Projects will be limited to one (1) year in duration. Projects that can’t be completed in one (1) year or less will not be funded.
  • Project funding may not exceed $25,000 for a project period of 6 months, or $35,000 for project periods of up to one year.
  • Budget may include personnel (staff, faculty, and/or students), equipment, travel (necessary for the research), books, faculty release time, etc. Faculty summer salary or academic release time is limited to one month per person.
  • Funds will not be granted for similar projects currently supported by other internal or external funding mechanisms at the campus or university level.
  • An investigator may not serve as PI or Co-PI on more than one proposal in a given academic year.
  • Applications for a second proposal for the same project or research will not be accepted.
  • Proposal must include a Commercial Assessment report from the ICO along with documentation of the pending patent, copyright, or other proposed intellectual property strategy.


Please contact Karen White, to learn more details on how to proceed with submission of a proposal. The process below follows submission of a disclosure of intellectual property to the ICO at least 30 days prior to preparing a proposal for submission.

Step 1: Researcher(s) should prepare a draft version of the proposal, which includes a draft budget (section 3 and 4), and project plan (section 5) Refer to instructions for FULL APPLICATION SUBMISSION below.

Step 2: Contact Karen White at OVCR to schedule a review meeting with representatives of OVCR and ICO. The purpose of the review meeting is to assess the commercial readiness of the proposal. After the meeting, you may proceed with a full proposal submission or elect to pursue other avenues for support available through the Innovation to Enterprise Commercialization track.

Step 3: If proceeding with a full proposal, applicants will work with their ICO manager to complete the Commercial Assessment report. Upon receipt of the Commercial Assessment, applicants will review the results with the ICO manager and make a decision if they wish to proceed with the final proposal review.

Step 4: To proceed with submission of a full application, applicants must prepare a full proposal document, including a one or two page response to the information in the Commercialization Assessment report and the discussion in the review meeting. This should include any changes to the Project Plan, budget, etc., prior to submission via the InfoReady portal.

Step 5: The full review committee will look at the proposal, Commercial Assessment report, and the applicant’s response to any feedback from the preview meeting. The committee will forward their response to the Vice Chancellor for research, with a recommendation for funding (and at what level of funding) or with feedback and recommendation if the committee does not recommend funding. Allow six to eight weeks for the process to be completed.

Application sections include:

  • Cover page
  • Abstract
  • Budget and justification
  • Project Plan not to exceed three pages
  • References cited
  • Biosketch not to exceed five pages, include funding history
  • Letters of support from collaborators and department chair
  • IRB, IACUC, and/or IBC forms if applicable

Apply to this program through the InfoReady portal. Download the Guidelines and Application. Applications are to be submitted as one pdf file. Attach a copy of the Commercial Assessment Report from ICO along with response from the PI.