Funding alerts designed by you, for you

Indiana University subscribes to Pivot, a comprehensive world-wide database of funding opportunities and collaborators. Search for funding by text (keywords) or by sponsor, define your search within the eleven text fields, save your funding searches, receive alerts, and track individual opportunities. There is no need to continually enter and run the same search over and over. Just one email a week will list all the new opportunities from your saved searches. All faculty, staff and students can access Pivot from any IU workstation or through IU Secure. To access Pivot off campus, click Sign Up and create your Pivot account. You must be affiliated with an institution that subscribes to Pivot in order to create an account. To save your funding searches and receive alerts, you must first create an account.

The Support tab on Pivot offers several guides for finding funding opportunities. Faculty may contact Alicia Gahimer or call 278-0249 for a consultation or to request a group training.

Student Funding Searches
Students at Indiana University are also encouraged to use PIVOT to find scholarships, fellowships, and project funding. PIVOT groups its funding areas into 11 categories. Some opportunities may be listed in more than one category. The sponsor may also require the recipient to reside in a certain location. The following searches have unrestricted locations or Indiana as a designation. In other words, opportunities restricted to other states or countries will not appear. You must be on an IU workstation or logged in through IU Secure to see the links below.

Graduate Student FundingUndergraduate Student Funding
Agriculture and Food SciencesAgriculture and Food Sciences
Area StudiesArea Studies
Arts and HumanitiesArts and Humanities
Business, Management and CommerceBusiness, Management and Commerce
Energy SciencesEnergy Sciences
Health and MedicineHealth and Medicine
Natural and Physical Sciences, Math and TechnologyNatural and Physical Sciences, Math and Technology
Social SciencesSocial Sciences